A Faith That Is Never Alone

A Faith That Is Never Alone: A Response to the Faculty of Westminster Seminary California, edited by P. Andrew Sandlin and published by Kerygma Press, is due out sometime this fall. It is a response to Covenant, Justification, and Pastoral Ministry: Essays by the Faculty of Westminster Seminary California, edited by R. Scott Clark and published by P&R.

Here are the planned chapters and contributors:

CHAPTER 1—John H. Armstrong: “Preaching the Faith That Is Never Alone”

CHAPTER 2—Norman Shepherd: “Faith and Faithfulness”

CHAPTER 3—Mark Horne: “Reformed Covenant Theology and Its Discontents”

CHAPTER 4—Peter Leithart: “Adam the Catholic? Faith and Life in the Adamic Covenant”

CHAPTER 5—P. Andrew Sandlin: “The Gospel of Law and the Law of Gospel”

CHAPTER 6—Norman Shepherd: “The Imputation of Active Obedience”

CHAPTER 7—Don Garlington: “The New Perspective, Mediation and Justification”

CHAPTER 8—Rich Lusk: “From Birmingham, With Love: A ‘Federal Vision’ Postcard”

CHAPTER 9—Don Garlington: “Covenant Nomism and the Exile”

CHAPTER 10—Peter Escalante: “Has History Repeated Itself? An Examination of Julius Kim’s Comparison of the Latitudinarians and the Federal Vision”

It is interesting to note that John Frame has dropped out of the lineup, apparently because of time constraints.

Time constraints prevented John’s participation. While he’s by no means FV, he agrees with certain of its propositions and, as is usually the case with John, wants the entire discussion to proceed civilly.

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