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Wright, Scripture, and Jesus

N. T. WrightI recently read a response from N. T. Wright (Wikipedia) to an individual with concerns about Wright’s views on a variety of subjects. Toward the beginning of Wright’s response appears this statement, which piques my curiosity and strikes me as odd:

I believe firmly and passionately in scripture, and even more firmly and passionately in Jesus himself.

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Hitchens–Wilson Debate

Hitchens & WilsonLast night I read the final installment in the six-part email debate that has been taking place over the last month on between atheist Christopher Hitchens (website) and Christian theist Douglas Wilson (blog). I thoroughly enjoyed it and heartily recommend it. Wilson is a cogent thinker, effective debater, and engaging writer, and he did a phenomenal job of presuppositionally obliterating the notion of philosophically consistent atheistic morality.

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