Dave Wike’s New CD: “Still Waters”

Still WatersDave Wike. Still Waters. LightTouch Records, 2007. 47:30.

[rate 4.5]

My friend and coworker Dave Wike just recently released his second fingerstyle guitar CD entitled Still Waters (CDBaby | Amazon | iTunes). You might recall my blogging about his first CD, Waiting (CDBaby | Amazon | iTunes), back in January.

Still Waters is all instrumental and makes great study music. Here are my reviews of Dave’s two CDs:

I’ve listened to Waiting hundreds of times and love it. It makes great background music for reading or studying. I highly recommend it.

I’ve listened to Dave’s first CD, Waiting, hundreds of times and love it, but Still Waters is even better. I just got a copy today and have been listening to it for hours straight. It’s great background music for when I’m reading and studying. I love it and highly recommend it.

Visit DaveWike.com (also CDBaby | Amazon | iTunes) to hear samples.

It is currently available at the following locations:


  • CDBaby: $15.98 (if you feel so inclined, in the CDBaby shopping cart in the “comments/referred by” input field you can put “Phil’s blog”)
  • Amazon: $17.98
  • iTunes: $9.99

Greenville, SC

  • Crossway, E North St: $14.95
  • Phil Gons: $15 will get you both CDs

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