Google Reader Gets Search

For all you Google Reader users out there, you’ll be glad to know that you can finally search your feeds—both read and unread items! This is especially handy if you don’t tag an item and can’t remember where you read it. I use Google’s Web History to look up stuff like this, but it doesn’t work with feeds unless you actually visited the site. I will put this feature to good use.

One other thing I’ve requested is to show more than “100+” when displaying the total number of unread items. Many of my folders often have 100+, especially over the weekends when I don’t check my work-related feeds, so I don’t know if 100+ is in the 100s or 900s! Do I try to skim through them, or just mark them all as read? Now that it displays unread items up to 1000, making that decision will be a little easier. While many may not appreciate this, it will be a big help to those of us who are subscribed to 500+ feeds (640 to be exact).

Bloglines also announces some new features. The Google Reader–Bloglines battle continues.

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