Before You Buy Online . . .

Before you make your next online purchase, you may want to use Live Search Cashback. Microsoft will pay you anywhere from 2–10% cash back—those are the numbers I’ve seen—on any qualifying purchases from participating stores. No strings attached. Before cashing in on your rewards you have to wait 60 days and accrue at least $5 of cash back rewards. Once you meet both of those stipulations, you can get your funds sent to you via (1) PayPal, (2) a bank account, or (3) a paper check in the mail.

This is Microsoft’s attempt to get Googlers to start using their Live search. I’m not about to switch permanently from Google, but why not save a little more on my online purchases?

Update: Just got an email, 60 days after my purchase, notifying me that my $13.74 in cashback rewards are ready to be claimed. I visited my page, clicked Pay Me, entered my bank information, and got this message:

Your cashback is on its way! Microsoft will initiate a payment of $13.74 to your Bank account XXXX in approximately 14 days. We will send an e-mail message to you at [email protected] with these details.

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3 Responses to Before You Buy Online . . .

  1. Donnie May 26, 2008 at 8:30 pm #

    You can also try I’ve been using them for over a year and I’ve made a ton from them. You get $5 (sometimes $10) for referring someone. Most of the cashback is low – 2% for Staples, Circuit City 1% for Walmart, Best Buy, NewEgg. But there are high ones as well (I’ve seen as high as 25%). The only requirement is that you earn $5.01 in a quarter, otherwise it goes on to the next quarter. They do promotions from time to time. For a couple months the friend referrals paid $10 instead of $5, and a lot of the cashbacks were doubled. Some of the sites don’t give a % but rather a flat amount. gives $5 for signing up, and there’s a couple others. You can accept your payment via check or paypal. There’s also a toolbar you can download that will tell you if you’re on a site that will give you cashback if you go through their link.

  2. ChristianPF May 28, 2008 at 7:43 pm #

    @Donnie and Phil
    thanks for sharing guys – I didn’t know about either of these, I will have to give them a try!!


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