I’ve worked for Logos Bible Software since November of 2007. Though I work in the marketing department, I love the program and heartily recommend it to anyone who is serious about studying the Bible and theology.

Logos Bible Software 4

In November of 2009, we launched the long-awaited Logos Bible Software 4. It’s an amazing piece of software. Here is a brief demo.

For more information, take the Logos 4 product tour.

Logos Bible Software for iPhone

If you have an iPhone, iPod, or iPad, check our our free Bible app. It comes with 30 free resources, and if you create a login, you can get access to another 30. If you have a Logos 4 base package, you’ll get access to most of your books as well. ((See what other iPhone apps I use on my iPod.)

If you don’t have an idevice, you can access similar functionality on any web-connected mobile device at Library.Logos.com.


You’ve probably noticed the tooltips on Bible references on my site. These are all automatically tagged by RefTagger. To add this functionality to your site, visit the RefTagger page and grab the customizable script code or, if you’re a WordPress user, the RefTagger plugin. If you need some help, be sure to visit the RefTagger forum.

Other Logos Stuff

Posts About Logos

Here are some posts where I’ve talked about Logos.

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