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Hard Work vs. Workaholism

David MurrayWhether you’re a hard worker, a workaholic, or neither, I commend to you these two recent posts.

Matt Perman defends working hard by looking at Proverbs (Prov 12:27; 18:9; 19:15; 24:30) and Paul (Acts 20:34–35; 2 Thes 3:7–9). It’s worth a quick read.

On the flip side, Tim Challies interviews David Murray about workaholism as part of the Connected Kingdom podcast. As one who throws himself into his work and constantly struggles to keep everything in its proper place, I found it helpful and challenging. It’s worth your twelve minutes.

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Greg Bahnsen Lectures and Debates on YouTube

Greg BahnsenOn Saturday night I discovered the Greg Bahnsen channel on YouTube, which has five video lectures (in 32 parts) and two audio debates (in 20 parts). Greg Bahnsen delivered the video lectures in 19911 as a five-part series, Basic Training for Defending the Faith (Amazon | Monergism), to soon-to-be college students. I spent a little while listening to bits and pieces of them, and they look terrific. The audio debates are the classic against Gordon Stein and the lesser-known against George Smith. I’ve heard them both before—the former more than half-a-dozen times. If you haven’t yet listened to them, I’d encourage you to do so, especially the one against Stein.

Here’s the complete list of everything that’s available:

Video Lectures: Basic Training for Defending the Faith (Five Parts | 4:49:29)

Part One—The Myth of Neutrality (5 Parts | 48:52)

  1. Greg Bahnsen—The Myth of Neutrality (Part 1 of 5) | 9:40
  2. Greg Bahnsen—The Myth of Neutrality (Part 2 of 5) | 9:55
  3. Greg Bahnsen—The Myth of Neutrality (Part 3 of 5) | 9:51
  4. Greg Bahnsen—The Myth of Neutrality (Part 4 of 5) | 9:59
  5. Greg Bahnsen—The Myth of Neutrality (Part 5 of 5) | 9:27

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  1. I’m inferring this number from his reference to Terminator 2 coming out “this summer.”

Cost of Discipleship and Fifty Reasons Why Jesus Came to Die—Free offers by The Cost of Discipleship by Dietrich Bonhoeffer and Fifty Reasons Why Jesus Came to Die by John Piper for free this month. Use coupon code MAR2010 for the first and MAR2010B for the second. You’ll have to place two separate orders since you can’t use two coupon codes at the same time.

The Cost of DiscipleshipFifty Reasons Why Jesus Came to Die

Together for the Gospel Live for $5

Together for the Gospel LiveI stumbled across a blog post this week (can’t remember where) that had a video embedded of the men from the Together for the Gospel Conference in 2008 singing “Before the Throne of God Above.” I probably watched it a dozen times or more, I enjoyed it so much. So I went to go check out the album at the Sovereign Grace Music store and found out that they’re having a special sale all February. That means it ends today. All music albums are only $5 for the downloadable version and $6 for the CD version.

I picked up the Together for the Gospel Live MP3 Download Set and have been thoroughly enjoying it. I heartily commend it to you.

Free Audiobook: Machen’s Christianity and Liberalism

The folks at have just completed an audio version of J. Gresham Machen’s classic work Christianity and Liberalism. It’s available in 11 MP3 files and runs 5 hours 44 minutes and 36 seconds. They are making the audio and a PDF of the book available free of charge.

To learn more about Christianity and Liberalism and Reformed Audio, watch this short introductory video (embedded below).

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4 Free MP3 Albums from Amazon

Amazon has four free MP3 albums that you might be interested in downloading.

Classical Favorites Sampler
Relaxation Sampler
Celtic Memories Sampler
Best of Countdown Kids Sampler
They’re not fabulous (slight overstatement), but there are a handful of decent songs—and the price is right.

Gaffin on Union with Christ

WTSBooks points out via Twitter a 5-part series (plus 2 Q&A sessions) by Richard B. Gaffin Jr. on “The Mystery of Union with Christ.” Gaffin delivered these messages at Matthews Orthodox Presbyterian in March of 2005. I’ve downloaded them and listened to part of the first one. It looks to be a very good series. They are available as free downloads courtesy of

  1. The Mystery of Union with Christ—Part 1
  2. The Mystery of Union with Christ—Part 2
  3. The Mystery of Union with Christ—Part 3
  4. The Mystery of Union with Christ—Part 4
  5. The Mystery of Union with Christ—Part 5
  6. The Mystery of Union with Christ—Q & A, Part 1
  7. The Mystery of Union with Christ—Q & A, Part 2

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20 Tracks of Classical Guitar for $2.99

Amazon is currently offering Guitar Sampler, a 20-track album of classical guitar music, for only $2.99—the price of just three individual tracks in the album. I downloaded it last night and have been really enjoying it. If you like classical guitar, you’ll most likely enjoy this album. You can listen to samples of all 20 tracks to find out.

HT: Steve McCoy via Aaron Sauer

GAudi: Google’s Audio Indexing

Google’s new audio indexing, GAudi, looks very promising. Finally the ability to find what you’re looking for in audio or video without listening to the whole thing! This has huge potential for sermons and lectures and could really make audio and video more accessible sources for academic research.

I wish I had access to this technology when I was running down this quote.

Check it out:

Read more:

Download a Free Album from Rhapsody

Rhapsody just launched an MP3 store. They are giving out a free album to the first 100,000 people to sign up for a free account. You can choose from anything that they sell. I just grabbed an album—and one for my wife.

You’ll have to act fast. The promotional lasts only a few more days.

Your account will be credited with $10 to be used on your first album by midnight Pacific time, July 4, 2008, if eligible.