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David Instone-Brewer Reviews SESB 2

sesb.jpgDavid Instone-Brewer (also here and here), the Technical Officer and Senior Research Fellow in Rabbinics and the New Testament at Tyndale House, has posted his review of version 2 of the Stuttgart Electronic Study Bible (SESB).

Here are some selections from his section “Overall Usefulness: much better than paper”:

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Windows Live SkyDrive

For those of you who don’t have a website with access to FTP and have an occasional need to share with others large files too big for email, you may want to consider Windows Live SkyDrive. It’s free and easy to use and gives you 500MB of space, handling up to 50MB individual files. Gmail allows up to 20MB attachments, but anything beyond that can be difficult to share over the web.

SkyDrive gives you three types of storage: personal, shared, and public. You can create as many different folders as you want.

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More Bahnsen Debates

Greg BahnsenNote: The site hosting the MP3 files below no longer has them up, but has them cached. I’ve updated the links. Make sure to right-click and select “Save link as” to download them.

I recently stumbled across and listened to two other free Bahnsen (Wikipedia | Theopedia) debates:

They aren’t quite as good as the debate against Gordon Stein (Pt 1 | Pt 2 | Pt 3 | transcript), but they are still worth listening to.

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Dave Wike’s New CD: “Still Waters”

Still WatersDave Wike. Still Waters. LightTouch Records, 2007. 47:30.

[rate 4.5]

My friend and coworker Dave Wike just recently released his second fingerstyle guitar CD entitled Still Waters (CDBaby | Amazon | iTunes). You might recall my blogging about his first CD, Waiting (CDBaby | Amazon | iTunes), back in January.

Still Waters is all instrumental and makes great study music. Here are my reviews of Dave’s two CDs:

I’ve listened to Waiting hundreds of times and love it. It makes great background music for reading or studying. I highly recommend it.

I’ve listened to Dave’s first CD, Waiting, hundreds of times and love it, but Still Waters is even better. I just got a copy today and have been listening to it for hours straight. It’s great background music for when I’m reading and studying. I love it and highly recommend it.

Visit (also CDBaby | Amazon | iTunes) to hear samples.

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Justification and the New Perspectives on Paul | Guy Prentiss Waters

Justification and the New Perspectives on PaulGuy Prentiss Waters. Justification and the New Perspectives on Paul: A Review and Response. P&R, 2004. 273 pp.

[rate 3]

I just recently came across Perrin’s evaluation of Waters’s Justification and the New Perspectives on Paul (WTSBooks).

“Whatever the merits of Justification and the New Perspectives as a primer on twentieth-century Pauline scholarship, the author has been less than successful in his interaction with the NPP. Indeed, assuming that Waters’s primary goal is to construct a convincing argument against the NPP (and N. T. Wright in particular), the book must be judged to have failed at a fundamental level.”1

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  1. Nicholas Perrin, “A Reformed Perspective on the New Perspective,” WTJ 67:2 (Fall 2005): 381-89.

Logos vs. BibleWorks: A Brief Comparison

Someone recently asked me for my opinion about Logos vs. BibleWorks. I posted this at the Forum in response to a discussion there. I’m reproducing it here (with some very minor changes) in case there are others who are trying to decide what Bible software to buy and use. This is by no means exhaustive, probably oversimplifies some of the issues, and certainly expresses my opinions and preferences, but it may be of help to some. I offer this not as a polished review, but as some off-the-cuff thoughts from one who uses and recommends both.

BibleWorks 7BibleWorks

I’ve been using BibleWorks since version 4. I currently have and use version 7. It’s a great program that I plan to continue to own, upgrade, and use indefinitely. Here are its strengths and weaknesses:

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Tip for Safer Surfing

I’m getting downright tired of the junk on the web. I’ve been frequenting hundreds of blogs and news sites each week at work to find helpful material for our new PastorBlog. I’ve been disgusted with all the stuff you see on major news sites—obscene immodesty and sometimes even complete nudity (apparently the standard of what’s acceptable is lower in the UK). Amazingly, even some Christian news sites and blogs have this kind of σκύβαλον. That really burns me up, but I digress.

Well, I’ve found another good use for the Web Developer extension for Firefox. I hit five key strokes, and all the images on the page disappear: alt-t-w-i-n. Alt takes you to the toolbar menu. T takes you to the tools category. W takes you to the web developer tools. I takes you to images. N makes all images invisible. It even conveniently spells a word so it’s easy to remember and type! (Alt-t-w-i-m and alt-t-w-i-r both work as well, and the latter might be most useful in that it replaces the image with its description, but twin is the easiest to remember and type. Take your pick.) You can undo it with the same keystrokes, and it will be applied only to the current page. The one downside is that it doesn’t disable flash. Anyone know a way to do that?

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One Night with the King

One Night with the KingMichael O. Sajbel, dir. One Night with the King. 20th Century Fox, 2006. 124 min. PG

[rate 1.5]

Shanna and I watched One Night with the King last night and were incredibly (!) disappointed. We had just finished reading Esther in our Bible reading, so the story was fresh on our minds. We were expecting the movie to tell faithfully the story of Esther. Not so. Probably only 25% of the movie corresponds to the biblical account. I’m not talking about just filling in the details. I’m talking about totally scrapping the biblical story, picking up a handful of those scraps, and then putting them back together in such a way that they are virtually unrecognizable. Well, maybe that’s a little overstatement, but you get my point. Over and over throughout the movie, we’d stop and say, “What?! That’s not how that happened! Why did they change that?” Not quite The Gospel of John! (More like The Ten Commandments.) It wasn’t until the end that we learned that the movie wasn’t supposed to be retelling the biblical story of Esther but the fictional story of the novel Hadassah: One Night with the King. (I vaguely remember reading that, but had forgotten.) Knowing that up front would probably have helped significantly.

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$1 Guitar CD!

WaitingIn preparation for the upcoming release of his second CD, fingerstyle guitarist Dave Wike, a coworker and friend of mine, is offering his first CD, “Waiting,” for a phenomenal price of just $1 (free shipping in the US). You can choose between the physical CD or downloading the MP3 files. Check out these four, two-minute samples to see if you like it. I enjoy listening to it as background music while I read or study. The play count in my iTunes is in triple digits! Read the reviews at CD Baby to see what others think. If you’re interested in purchasing a copy, email me at You can pay with PayPal or a personal check. Contact me for more details.

Update: I don’t have any more of these available. Visit for details on how to contact Dave directly or order his CDs.

See also: Dave Wike’s New CD: “Still Waters”

The Beauty of Holiness | Michael P. V. Barrett

The Beauty of HolinessMichael Barrett’s fourth book, The Beauty of Holiness, has just recently been released. He seeks to provide the foundation of a solid, biblical theology of worship that is missing in so much of the debate about music. As anyone who has read a Barrett book would expect, it looks like it’ll be a good read. I’ve posted an excerpt that gives an overview.