I will be posting collections of resources on various topics that I’ve studied.

Book Categories

  1. Study Bibles
  2. Systematic Theologies
  3. Biblical Theologies


  1. Calvinism (in progress)
  2. Covenant Theology (in progress)
  3. Dispensationalism (in progress)
  4. Eschatology (in progress)
  5. Family (in progress)
  6. Justification (in progress)
  7. Marriage (in progress)
  8. Parenting (in progress)
  9. Puritans (in progress)
  10. Reformed Theology (in progress)
  11. Spiritual Warfare (in progress)
  12. Trinity (in progress)1
  13. Union with Christ ((Cf. my Logos reading list.))


  1. Karl Barth (in progress)2
  2. John Calvin (in progress)3
  3. Jonathan Edwards (in progress)4
  4. George Müller ((Cf. my Logos reading list.))
  5. John Owen (in progress)5
  6. B. B. Warfield (in progress)6


  1. Cf. my Logos reading list.
  2. Cf. my blog post.
  3. Cf. my lists of works by Calvin and works about Calvin.
  4. Cf. my blog post.
  5. Cf. my Logos reading list and blog post.
  6. Cf. my Logos reading list.


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