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Free Amazon Prime for Students

Amazon PrimeAmazon is currently offering a free one-year subscription to Amazon Prime, which will give you free two-day shipping on most items that Amazon sells with the option to upgrade to one-day shipping for $3.99. The annual cost for Amazon Prime is $79, so this is a great deal that every student should take advantage of, even if you only shop at Amazon occasionally.

Undergraduate and graduate students qualify for the free subscription. To sign up, you’ll just need to do enter your .edu email address and choose your state, school, year, and major. I’m not sure how long they’re running this special, but if you’re a student, I’d recommend signing up soon.

20 Tracks of Classical Guitar for $2.99

Amazon is currently offering Guitar Sampler, a 20-track album of classical guitar music, for only $2.99—the price of just three individual tracks in the album. I downloaded it last night and have been really enjoying it. If you like classical guitar, you’ll most likely enjoy this album. You can listen to samples of all 20 tracks to find out.

HT: Steve McCoy via Aaron Sauer

My First Attempt at Building a Computer

Due to some problems I was having with my three-year-old Dell Inspiron 5150, I decided to get a new computer. Instead of buying from Dell or elsewhere, I ended up building my own computer from scratch. I purchased all the individual components, assembled them, installed the OS and drivers, and then installed all my software. I thought I’d share my experience as a first-time builder for those of you who have considered doing the same thing.


Here are the components I purchased:

$778 total (includes shipping and after rebates)

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Dave Wike’s New CD: “Still Waters”

Still WatersDave Wike. Still Waters. LightTouch Records, 2007. 47:30.

[rate 4.5]

My friend and coworker Dave Wike just recently released his second fingerstyle guitar CD entitled Still Waters (CDBaby | Amazon | iTunes). You might recall my blogging about his first CD, Waiting (CDBaby | Amazon | iTunes), back in January.

Still Waters is all instrumental and makes great study music. Here are my reviews of Dave’s two CDs:

I’ve listened to Waiting hundreds of times and love it. It makes great background music for reading or studying. I highly recommend it.

I’ve listened to Dave’s first CD, Waiting, hundreds of times and love it, but Still Waters is even better. I just got a copy today and have been listening to it for hours straight. It’s great background music for when I’m reading and studying. I love it and highly recommend it.

Visit DaveWike.com (also CDBaby | Amazon | iTunes) to hear samples.

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$20 off $50 Purchase and Free Shipping

I just bought three books from Buy.com for a little over $30. The same three books would have cost me closer to $60 at Amazon. If you use Google Checkout, you save $20 instantly. There is no limit to the number of orders that you can place. This really is a phenomenal savings (that’s 40% off for those of you who were reaching for your calculator). Plus you get free shipping on orders over $25. I highly recommend checking this out.

Google Books, Google Scholar, and Amazon Books

There’s a new article at the SBL website entitled “Google Books and Biblical Studies: A Developing Resource.” If you’re not familiar with Google Books, this article will give you a good overview of the potential that Google Books has for research.

Google also has a site called Google Scholar, which, in addition to searching all the books from Google Books, searches lots of major journals like Journal of Biblical Literature, Novum Testamentum, The American Journal of Theology, and Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society, and other things like Society of Biblical Literature: Seminar Papers. With a couple of these (SBL and NT) you won’t be able to view the hits in the resources themselves, but at least you are taken to the first page of the article so you know where to look it up in the print copy if it looks promising.

I also recently found out that you can search all of Amazon’s searchable books at the same time. Go to A9.com and select “books by Amazon.”

These are valuable resources that you’ll want to bookmark and use.