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Firefox 3 Coming Soon

I’ve been using Firefox 3 since Beta 1. After 5 betas, it is now at RC 2 3, which is going to be the version that “ships” sometime this month on Tuesday, June 17th. (Mozilla hopes to set a world record for the most downloads ever in a 24 hour period.)

There’s no point in waiting to update to version 3, except perhaps for add-on support. About half of my add-ons aren’t working yet. But the improved functionality of Firefox 3 makes the temporary loss of a few add-ons worth it.

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Tip for Safer Surfing

I’m getting downright tired of the junk on the web. I’ve been frequenting hundreds of blogs and news sites each week at work to find helpful material for our new PastorBlog. I’ve been disgusted with all the stuff you see on major news sites—obscene immodesty and sometimes even complete nudity (apparently the standard of what’s acceptable is lower in the UK). Amazingly, even some Christian news sites and blogs have this kind of σκύβαλον. That really burns me up, but I digress.

Well, I’ve found another good use for the Web Developer extension for Firefox. I hit five key strokes, and all the images on the page disappear: alt-t-w-i-n. Alt takes you to the toolbar menu. T takes you to the tools category. W takes you to the web developer tools. I takes you to images. N makes all images invisible. It even conveniently spells a word so it’s easy to remember and type! (Alt-t-w-i-m and alt-t-w-i-r both work as well, and the latter might be most useful in that it replaces the image with its description, but twin is the easiest to remember and type. Take your pick.) You can undo it with the same keystrokes, and it will be applied only to the current page. The one downside is that it doesn’t disable flash. Anyone know a way to do that?

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ESV Bible Refalizer

James Anderson has created a very handy Firefox extension that automatically turns any Bible reference into a hyperlink to the ESV website. Very nice. I recommend it. He also has an NIV version that will take you to BibleGateway.com. Check it out.

Firefox 2.0 Is Here

If you’ve been using Firefox 1.5, you might be interested to know that Firefox 2.0 was officially released yesterday. (If you haven’t been using Firefox, now’s a great time to start.) It’s got a lot of great features that keep it a couple steps ahead of the new Internet Explorer 7. E.g., FF 2 (1) has a built-in auto spell checker that will underline misspelled words in red when you type text into text boxes (I love it! It’s great for bloggers!), (2) forces a new window to open as a tab instead of a new browser window (very nice), (3) implements improved tabbed browsing, and (4) will reopen your browser exactly how it was before if it happens to crash (which isn’t very often). Download it now.