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Greg Bahnsen Lectures and Debates on YouTube

Greg BahnsenOn Saturday night I discovered the Greg Bahnsen channel on YouTube, which has five video lectures (in 32 parts) and two audio debates (in 20 parts). Greg Bahnsen delivered the video lectures in 19911 as a five-part series, Basic Training for Defending the Faith (Amazon | Monergism), to soon-to-be college students. I spent a little while listening to bits and pieces of them, and they look terrific. The audio debates are the classic against Gordon Stein and the lesser-known against George Smith. I’ve heard them both before—the former more than half-a-dozen times. If you haven’t yet listened to them, I’d encourage you to do so, especially the one against Stein.

Here’s the complete list of everything that’s available:

Video Lectures: Basic Training for Defending the Faith (Five Parts | 4:49:29)

Part One—The Myth of Neutrality (5 Parts | 48:52)

  1. Greg Bahnsen—The Myth of Neutrality (Part 1 of 5) | 9:40
  2. Greg Bahnsen—The Myth of Neutrality (Part 2 of 5) | 9:55
  3. Greg Bahnsen—The Myth of Neutrality (Part 3 of 5) | 9:51
  4. Greg Bahnsen—The Myth of Neutrality (Part 4 of 5) | 9:59
  5. Greg Bahnsen—The Myth of Neutrality (Part 5 of 5) | 9:27

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  1. I’m inferring this number from his reference to Terminator 2 coming out “this summer.”

Bahnsen on the Extent of the Atonement

Death of Death in the Death of ChristI recently stumbled across a brief defense of limited atonement written by Greg Bahnsen (Wikipedia | Theopedia) in 1972 (at the age of 23 or 24). His fervency reminded me of Owen’s in Death of Death in the Death of Christ (WTSBooks) and Packer’s in his introductory essay in the same (which is also the eighth chapter in his A Quest for Godliness: The Puritan Vision of the Christian Life).

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More Bahnsen Debates

Greg BahnsenNote: The site hosting the MP3 files below no longer has them up, but Archive.org has them cached. I’ve updated the links. Make sure to right-click and select “Save link as” to download them.

I recently stumbled across and listened to two other free Bahnsen (Wikipedia | Theopedia) debates:

They aren’t quite as good as the debate against Gordon Stein (Pt 1 | Pt 2 | Pt 3 | transcript), but they are still worth listening to.

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Hitchens–Wilson Debate

Hitchens & WilsonLast night I read the final installment in the six-part email debate that has been taking place over the last month on ChristianityToday.com between atheist Christopher Hitchens (website) and Christian theist Douglas Wilson (blog). I thoroughly enjoyed it and heartily recommend it. Wilson is a cogent thinker, effective debater, and engaging writer, and he did a phenomenal job of presuppositionally obliterating the notion of philosophically consistent atheistic morality.

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