WordPress Plugins

Here are ≈90 WordPress plugins that I’ve used and benefited from. My current favorites are in bold.

  1. Advertising Manager: Great plugin for managing ads on your site.
  2. Akismet: Essential for blocking SPAM comments.
  3. All in One SEO Pack: Gives you options to help improve your site’s search engine optimization.
  4. Amazon Affiliate Link Localizer: Automatically adds your Amazon affiliate ID to any Amazon link.
  5. BookLinker
  6. Breadcrumb NavXT
  7. COinS Metadata Exposer
  8. COinS Quicktags Button
  9. CommentLuv
  10. Contact Form 7
  11. David’s Ultra Quicktags: Allows you link items to Amazon easily.
  12. Exclude Pages from Navigation: Gives you the option of including or excluding pages from the page navigation.
  13. Executable PHP widget
  14. Facebook Comments TNG: If you have your blog posts pushed to Facebook, this plugin will pull any comments on your posts there back into your WordPress blog.
  15. Fast and Secure Contact Form
  16. FD Feedburner Plugin
  17. Feed Locations
  18. FeedBurner FeedSmith
  19. FeedBurner Widget
  20. Feeds Widget
  21. Flexible Lightbox
  22. Full Text Feed
  23. Fuzzy Recent Updates: Allows you to display a list of recently updated posts and pages.
  24. Get Recent Comments
  25. Google Analyticator
  26. Google Analytics for WordPress
  27. Google Buzz ER
  28. Google XML Sitemaps
  29. Insert Link Class
  30. Lightbox Gallery
  31. Link Indication
  32. Linkable Title Html and Php Widget by PepLamb
  33. Live Search Popup
  34. Maintenance Mode
  35. Merge Tags: Allows you to merge multiple tags into a single tag; also works with categories.
  36. My Page Order: Allows you to order your pages by drag and drop instead of using the numbering system.
  37. Next Page, Not Next Post
  38. No Self Pings: Stops WordPress from pinging your other posts and pages when you link to them.
  39. Nofollow Case by Case
  40. PollDaddy Polls
  41. Popular Posts
  42. Post Updated: Allows you to display the last time a post or page was updated. It’s good for content that you regularly update.
  43. Post-Plugin Library
  44. PostPost: Add content before or after your posts, pages, and feed items.
  45. PuSHPress
  46. Random Posts
  47. Rate My Stuff: Allows you to rate things you review with a star-rating system.
  48. Recent Posts
  49. Recently Updated Pages
  50. Recently Updated Posts
  51. Redirection
  52. RefTagger
  53. Search & Replace
  54. Secure WordPress
  55. Similar Posts
  56. Sub Pages Widget
  57. Subscribe to Comments
  58. The Holy Scripturizer
  59. TinyMCE Advanced
  60. Top 10
  61. Twitter Comments – Twitoaster
  62. Twitter Widget Pro
  63. unAPI Server
  64. Use Google Libraries
  65. Widget Logic
  66. WordPress Beta Tester
  67. WordPress Database Backup
  68. WordPress.com Popular Posts
  69. WordPress.com Stats
  70. WP Greet Box
  71. WP Maintenance Mode
  72. WP Opt-in
  73. WP Render Blogroll Links
  74. WP Security Scan
  75. WP Super Cache
  76. WP125
  77. WP-Email
  78. WP-Footnotes
  79. WP-IE6Update
  80. WP-PageNavi
  81. WP-Polls (WP-Polls Widget)
  82. WP-PostViews (and WP-PostViews Widget)
  83. WP-reCAPTCHA
  84. WP-ServerInfo
  85. WP-Stats (and WP-Stats Widget)
  86. WP-Table
  87. WPTouch iPhone Theme
  88. WP-UserOnline
  89. Yoxview Gallery
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